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    Yes they have been there some years now I was always up there feeding them I would sit down and they would all come round me because they did get to know me but after packing up work funds got to low for me to keep it and the only ones I feed now are the two left at the bay and I have been doing that for well over 20years I love doing it they take from my hands the N/trust know I do it and I also keep my eyes open as well AND sorry to say that I had to report one last year after finding it very unwell they came out within the hour and it had to be put down very upsetting to both the other horses and myself but they are about 27 to 30years old now and are out all year round with no cover but the N/trust do look after them very well going out each day to look them over but they are wild ones and that is how they always live.
    And thank you for putting the photos of them on the forum I keep away from going up there(1) my legs.and (2) I get upset because I can not do it anymore,I know I am a silly old fool for thinking that way but cannot help it.

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