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    Wasn't expecting so many replies. Thank you all so much.

    It's more for a permanent frailty issue than a temporary one.

    Was wondering if there were any, "we'll have the equipment back when/if it's no longer needed", type deals. That there are refurbished sellers out there answers that question I guess.

    Could mean the difference between someone being able to stay in their own home, or having said home basically confiscated by the state to pay for care home costs.

    I could go off on a rant about that right now. They played by the rules. Worked and paid taxes and NI all of their lives etc. Told and believed they'd be OK if they played by the rules. All to have it robbed off of them at the end, when they're already dealing with the obvious getting old stuff.

    Just how ill do you actually have to be these days to get looked after by the NHS?

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