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    I agree the breakdown/service packages are fortunes with the bigger companys.My mum had the complete breakdown service callout package.Only last year she rang me one day to say her lift wasnt working,she lived some distance away from me so i wasnt able to get there straight away so i told her to change the batteries in the handset which she did,still not working so i told her to ring the engineer as she had emergency cover.Engineer came out and found no fault,the cheeky ******** sent her a bill for £200 as they said they had been falsely called out.I soon got on the case and told them i had also known it to suddenly stop working before for no apparent reason,it had done a couple of times.They still insisted on the money so i threatened to name n shame them and asked how an 84 year old lady would have any technical knowledge of how a stair lift should work other than pressing a button to operate it.They eventually gave up with their demands.

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