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    I would second Dolphin stairlifts. Go through Dolphin Mobility and if the Ashford franchise is busy, a lead from head office will likely be prioritised over a local lead, may mean a quicker turnaround time.

    Ask about refurbished lifts, they only take the best lifts for refurbishment, some may have only been used for weeks. Also i would strongly advise taking out a breakdown package (a set of batteries plus call out fee will more than cover the cost) parts are ridiculously expensive otherwise.
    Avoid acorn lifts they are generally noisier, less well constructed and less reliable, avoid going to Stannah direct, Dolphin are one of only a few authorised companies (if not only) to install Stannah lifts and they are cheaper than going through Stannah.
    Best straight lift in my opinion is Meditek and best curved is Stannah both are available through Dolphin.

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