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    This post is a mixture of good and sad news, my great-granddaughter goes to the same school as the little boy who had the tumour, some help is now needed by someone who helped that family.

    Here is the FB post from Matt Gough....

    "Two and half years ago friend and the local community came together to help support my family after we received news my Nephew has been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour.

    At that point you Nephew’s home was undergoing renovations. Support flooded in after I made an appeal for anyone to help me finish the work in time for my Nephews return home after his treatment.

    I was floored by the help that cane forward and will always have gratitude for what they achieved for my family.

    One such person that came forward was Mark James.

    Mark gave up many weekends with his family to help ensure the house was completed on time!

    Now it’s time for me to help him and his family!!!

    Recently I discovered that Mark has been diagnosed with Cancer of the Throat and has undergone multiple operations and months in hospital, leaving him with a tracheostomy, Mark is now going through gruelling Radiotherapy!

    At the same time as his diagnosis and treatment his family home had been having renovations, however they have now been abandoned by their builder (who has had the full amount paid to him!), leaving them in a house that is unsafe, open to the elements and a big bill to to put right the work that has already been done as well complete it!

    Mark and his wife Davina James are pursuing the builder by legal action, however this takes time and is not an immediate fix to the situation they are currently living through!

    Therefore I have taken it upon myself to appeal to anyone that might be able to help in anyway!

    Please contact me directly so that I can go some way to repay the kindness they showed me and my family"

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