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    Vast amounts of money have been spent improving Townwall Street onwards to enable the smooth movement of traffic onto the M20 away from the port. On crossing the QE11 bridge port traffic is directed down the M20 because the A2 isn’t suitable. Suddenly this doesn’t seem to matter. How will Whitfield roundabout cope with the increased traffic from proposed new housing developments plus freight traffic without the improvements as described in the local plan? Does no one think these things through or am I missing something? Ah politics!!
    Interesting article in The Telegraph today - Hampshire County Council refused planning permission for a five acre waste plant to be developed beside a stud farm as the horses needed “peace and tranquillity “. Clearly we hold the lives of horses as more important than people- that certainly appears to be the case in Dover. The lives disrupted in St Martin’s Road clearly aren’t that important in the grand scheme for Dover!

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