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    Thank you for your support Sue. Guston PC is exploring every avenue possible to fight this with a legal challenge- suspect the latest information had a lot to do with the complaint Guston has made about the use of the Dover Fastrack road. That ‘consultation’ was a joke however we haven’t let it pass us by and will be making further comments before it goes back to the planning committee. Unfortunately you are correct, after things have changed it will be too late to say - “ but we didn’t want this”.
    The draft local plan mentions the “importance that the long term aspirations of upgrades to the A2 within the district are realised. This includes duelling sections of the A2 north of Dover along Jubilee Way to Whitfield and near Lydden, upgrades to the Duke of York and Whitfield roundabouts “
    The current road infrastructure cannot cope with large volumes of HGVs as well as local traffic. A traffic management plan is not going to solve this issue in the short term.

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