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     Dover Pilot wrote:
    I wish they would use the money to sort out our existing local bus services which are still having services cancelled regularly. Just finding alternative transport to get children to school is proving a nightmare for many Dover parents.

    Having attended numerous meetings regarding Fastrack I can confirm that the above has been raised more than once. The answer is always the same…….the funding is only available for this project and if it were not to proceed the money would no longer be made available. As I’ve said previously it is linked to the housing developments at Whitfield and Connaught Barracks.
    Sadly no one listens. The public consultation was held during COVID restrictions and there were few responses- certainly in my opinion not enough to give it the green light. The consultation also only addressed questions related to the frequency of service and number/locations of bus stops. It DIDN’T ask….do residents want or need this service!

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