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    Yes we need to encourage more people with decent levels of disposable income to move to Dover, but we also need to provide affordable housing for local people. The two are not and should not be incompatible.

    We do not need another hotel, we already have plenty of rooms (Ramada, Best Western, Travellodge & a recently extended Premier Inn, plus numerous guest houses and Air B'n'Bs) so the purported civic amenity of a hotel at the Western heights is a myth, as is any community benefit from this proposed development once cost overruns have eaten their profit and the Isreali's come knocking for their return on investment.

    I moved here, rather than Deal or Folkestone (the former just too long a journey to my work pre HS1, the latter two towns pretending to be one and hating each other with a vengeance) as I felt then and still do that Dover has so much going for it and so much potential. Sadly that potential remains unrealised due to a succession of incompetent councils at District level.

    This development does nothing to realise that potential unlike the proposed development at Burgoyne Barracks which will have a good mix of housing stock catering for a wide range of owner occupiers in a well thought through and landscaped site that supports not only the Fort but also local amenity spaces.

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