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    Dredgers, barges and support vessels carrying out work at the Western Docks 20 April 2017 viewed from St Martin's battery on Western Heights.

    DWDR - piling work begins at the end of this month.

    Dredger 'MP40' with spoil barge Wadden 4

    Dredger 'Kreeft' working near the 'Hoverpad'

    barge with pipes on T1

    Dredger 'Causeway'

    Multi-purpose service vessel 'Llanddwyn Island'

    Tug Haven bristling with support vessels
    Cement from the white building (centre picture) is used in the DTIZ St. James Retail development project.
    Above that building is the Dunkirk Jetty in the process of demolition with a crane barge alongside.

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