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    Having some experience in the area of corporate responsility with large PLCs £100K is certainly not derisory. This is on top of the many community activities the Port take an active role in.

    My understanding is that the community director will not run the community fund, rather they will be drawn from the local community, and like all non-executive directors, bring an independent view and hold the executive to account. The Board makes decisons collectively.

    On employment, Howard, there are no doubt many people from Dover who have likewise travelled elesewhere in the country for work. The fact remains the port is the biggest single employer, I suspect in the whole District, and many local people rely on it for work.

    I live near the port too, and yes the traffic can be a problem at times, but the Port are seeking to address this with the scheme at the Eastern Docks. We can't do anything about our geography as the closest point to France! Unless the UK has a massive renaissance in manufacturing and switches to home grown produce we'll continue to be a major port.

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