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    Have people really looked at these? I mean really looked!!!!
    At first I thought these are great and then I looked at the plans on the DHB site and realised what they actually mean.....basically it's like someone saying we are going to take part of Pencester Gardens and turn it into a luxury car park.

    At least 35 metres of beach will be taken and a huge amount of the sea amenity which will affect the sailing school and swimmers. In addition all those luxury house and hotel planned for Western Heights will be looking over.........a logistics centre open, I presume, around the clock! Where will the fishermen go? Will people be able to walk along the wall? It's only when you look at the birds eye perspective that you really see the amount of harbour it really takes up.

    Personally I think the plans are greedy and certainly won't help Dover residents only those that need somewhere to park their luxury boats.Perhaps we should be asking now for an alternative plan that keeps our harbour as an amenity for all?

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