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    Oh dear .My elder son and Grandson went to DGSB I
    recall when the big consultation took place re DGSB and Castlemount .Castlemount closed and the pupils transferred to other schools .Some of us fought to keep DGSB as it held so much history .
    I see the new Barton Road school new build .My youger son went there.The new build has not got the former Victorian features.A new box .The current ideas is glass boxes .
    I had hoped the plan for DGSB was just a new extension to replace the old huts/ prefabs which are on site.So much of Dover history is being destroyed.
    I was always pleased when River school extension was built it fitted in with the old Victorian building .New build which wraps its self around the old.
    I hope DDC planning committee will have the vision.I suspect DDC are just consulteed as its KCC.I have no faith in their current ideas.

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