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    Is it not astonishing that the announcement of these proposals to "the local community" should be made by a construction company rather that the Department of Education and/or Kent County Council,or even the school itself? Have tenders been already put out and a contract agreed? If so,based on what plans? Is this a fait accompli?
    All has been very much been carefully kept under wraps until now it seems.Perhaps because of an outcry it wanted to avoid.

    The Head has just written the following in the latest newsletter of the Old Pharosians Association (old boys!) received only today:

    "Talking of buildings.knowing this school as well as you do,you will appreciate that as wonderfully eclectic as our site is-and it is very hard not to fall in love with it-the needs and expectations of education,of curricula,students,parents and staff have moved on considerably since the early 1930s.The fact that our current buildings cannot support telephone lines which allow handsets with displays tells you much of what you need to know!Thus,we are at a point now where we need to look,as a matter of urgency,at alternative solutions to our needs.I have already spent a considerable amount of time with Department of Education representatives as we seek to firm up a potential plan to create a modern,purpose-built set of buildings for the boys of Dover,and am happy to report some very positive recent meetings in this regard.I fully intend to honour our school's history by transporting and integrating into the new buildings elements of the current site which have significant emotional and historical value-for example the stained glass window on the library staircase and the organ.I think this will provide reassurance to you as a commitment on my part to DGSB's history as well as to its future"

    The last two sentences suggest to me at any rate that the present buildings are to be abandoned,if not actually demolished.If so and all this scheme comes to pass,what will then happen to them?
    Can an organ be so easily moved?

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