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    Last Thursday a document,entitled Public Consultation,was unexpectedly delivered through letterboxes in Elms Vale (if not elsewhere in town) making an astonishing announcement concerning the future of Dover Grammar School for Boys
    about a "drop-in exhibition" at the school's main gym on Tuesday 26th February,3.30pm-8pm.
    This surely is not just a simple matter for "occupiers/local residents" and members of the "local community" (whatever that is supposed to mean) as the document addresses.
    There would appear to have been no forewarning about this news imparted by a Martin Jones describing himself as Senior Design Manager for Kier Construction Southern.No clue is given as to exactly what are the "initial proposals".
    "Kind regards",as it is signed off, are surely inappropriate for an iconic building that has prided its splendid,unequalled prominent position and reputation
    (as was the original intention) since the year when it was first built in 1931 and that has been the alma mater for countless numbers of Dover's people who have gone on to future careers of achievement,success and excellence.
    It was the creation of founding headmaster Fred Whitehouse along the lines of a public school in gothic architecture including a great hall with a magnificent organ which is unique today in any state school in the country.He must be spinning in his overgrown grave at Charlton cemetery.
    This is now a very real matter for the town as a whole and cannot I submit be reduced to a one off "drop-in exhibition".
    Alas the school is not,as it deserves,a listed building,despite all attempts to make it so.Do we really want to see it denigrated,even demolished?
    I,as a third generation Old Pharosian myself, call for these initial proposals to be submitted to the fullest possible critical scrutiny and debate.

    Martyn Webster

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