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    Well I am up. Got the girls all arriving around 7am for hair to be done.

    Weather has said it will be okay by 1pm, so happy there.

    Kinda missed celebrating my birthday yesterday with so much stuff to do, I never even got my caterpillar cake out of it's box lololol
    I am sure the DCAL girlies will celebrate with me tonight.

    Today will hopefully be a great day, sadly No Millennium Allstars this year guys, the 6pm start time and later finish was just not good for them having to travel such a huge distance, and then having to compete the next day.

    Unless you are outside the town hall I probably won't see many of you as I have to be down in River sending out the parade, but David I hope your party goes really well.

    For some reason I have always imagined you as a PIMMS man. Forgive me it's early.

    Enjoy the parade peeps. I hope we have done enough to make you proud.

    Luv Mand x

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