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    Copied from Dover Sea Angling via FB...

    "Admiralty Pier and CT3
    Yesterday Dover Harbour board held a zoom meeting with DSAA which we believed was to arrange the reopening of Ct3 disabled area after lockdown closure.
    In this meeting DHB announced they intend to stop all fishing within Dover Harbour forever. They said that legislation introduced after the Manchester bombing called ‘Protect’ meant they needed to prevent any public access to any part of the port. They said this legislation would also effect other events in Dover including the Regatta and the Christmas Market.
    Obviously we were unprepared for such a discussion however a number of questions were asked and it was very clear this was not a consultation or discussion it was an already made decision and no further thoughts were welcome as to how a way to continue fishing under these new rules could be found.
    DSAA have been running fishing events from Dover piers for over 100 years and have in recent years been unable to stop DHB chip away at angling in Dover. The breakwater was closed with very little explanation other than it’s unsafe, the Prince of Wales was closed to enable the new freight terminal and the failed marina. As the Prince of wales had been a renowned easy access venue for anglers with disabilities and limited mobility CT3 was offered as an alternative and has been a huge benefit to the wellbeing of 100 locals, many of whom cannot physically fish anywhere else with walking and casting difficulties. The admiralty pier is one of the best known angling venues in the country and has had 1000s of anglers using it every year for over a century. For around 10 years DHB have been monitoring a weakness in part of the walkway, no repairs have been carried out and for years it was tested and deemed safe. In 2019 the testing detected deterioration in the walkway and it was declared unsafe. DHB have promised repeatedly that the work to repair the walkway will be carried out in due course but with no angling permitted this expensive repair will no longer be necessary.
    As news of this huge loss to the community of Dover and the wider area has spread there has been a massive response. It’s very clear that the permanent closure of these venues will have a terrible impact on a lot of people and will result in businesses closing and jobs being lost.
    DSAA will be fighting this decision with everything they have, we have today been in discussions with board members of the Angling Trust and will update on their involvement in the coming days.
    We will need everyone’s help and support to make our case and bring this terrible decision into the spotlight. Once we have met with the legal advisors we will update on how anyone can best help with the cause."

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