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    3.1.8 The application was considered by planning committee in March 1994 and was
    recommended for approval by Officers. However, Members of Planning Committee
    resolved to refuse permission and the application went to appeal.
    3.1.9 The reasons for refusal were as follows:
    1. The proposed development would result in an increase in the concentration of
    traffic movements within the vicinity of the site which would be likely to create
    additional dangers to users of the highway and be prejudicial to the amenities
    currently enjoyed by the occupiers of nearby properties.
    2. The proposal would, if permitted, result in the loss of an area of green open
    space which currently provides a valuable facility for informal recreation and
    which, in view of the adequacy of the housing land supply within the District,
    is considered to be undesirable.
    3. The site, by reason of its steeply sloping nature, is considered to be unsuitable
    for the development as proposed in that it would be likely to give rise to the
    movement of substantial amounts of excavated material to the detriment of
    the amenities of the locality.
    4. The proposal, would if permitted, result in an over-intensive form of
    development in a manner detrimental to the amenities of the locality

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