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    Its still ongoing and getting worse.

    DDC told EKH to sort it ...EKH wanted DDC legal Services to deal with it....EKH told to get on with it .......EKH CEO said would write to her direct.......NEVER WROTE TO HER.

    It may end up with the Ombudsman looking at it don't know how East Kent housing is being run really. ICO already condemned the agreement but DDC and EKH are not accepting this by looks of it still arguing the matter that they can just turn up to people's home bothering them with any willy nilly when this is not in agreement and is not acceptable. Tenants home's are being looked at like 'Properties' instead of 'People's homes' they pay for. You don't rent a suit for the night and have the shop turn up to see if their suit is ok whilst your enjoying wearing it. EKH Housing Services manager stated they don't always have time to write to people they call at People homes whilst they are out and about.

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