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    UPDATE ON fight for Tenants rights by this disabled lady

    From :
    Date : 01/02/2018 - 09:06 (GMT)
    Cc : Cllxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx, @EASTKENTHOUSING.ORG.UK
    Subject : RE: RE: Complaint Miss xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dear Miss xxxxx – I confirm that I have forwarded this to the Director as you have requested.
    Yours sincerely
Corporate Complaints & Resilience Officer
Dover District Council
Council Offices, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3PJ 
Tel: 01304 872322
Fax: 01304 872300
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    From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 01 February 2018 08:10
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Cllr-xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxEKH
Subject: Re: RE: Complaint Miss xxxxxxxxxx
    Dear xxx
    I would like you to pass this to the Director DDC outcome on 24hr agreement by ICO.
    I would like the agreement overlooked by DDC with EKH on this matter I have been bringing this matter to EKH and DDC since 2015 Ombudsman should not have to sort an agreement out that may not be worded correctly or conflicts rights. EKH and DDC should have the same statement sent to them. I dont find the agreement confusing and is clear states 24hrs officers wanted to come into my home, whether I refused them IS NOT the issue.
    Finally, you raised a concern about XXX(EKH Officers )unannounced visit to your property. In his emails with the complainant, he advises that he is planning to go to your house the following week to discuss the matter with you, but did not provide you with notice of this visit. The tenancy agreement (section 3.7) simply states that “unless otherwise agreed, we will give you 24 hours’ notice.” During my telephone conversation with EKH, it was found that it is normal procedure for housing managers to go to resident’s properties for informal liaisons unannounced on a regular basis; however the tenancy agreement does not specify this – section 3.7 seems to refer only to maintenance and forced entry incidents, rather than informal visitations. It is not within the ICO’s remit to address this, however in this instance, it may have been best customer practice to advise you of the visit, as he already knew a week before that he was planning to speak to you. We would also recommend that you address this with the Housing Ombudsman, as the tenancy agreement appears to be easily misconstrued.

    ICO are saying the agreement does conflicting basically and its not for me to oversee this matter on a concern of the agreement but EKH and DDC with EKH.
    DDC have solicitors and EKH CEO is past Solicitor so between them one of them can see that agreement is either condradicting or not worded correctly or wording misplaced. It does not state any officer can just turn up without notice.
    Kind Regards

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