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    She has suffered email after email being ignored, questions being avoided (not just on this matter above) and time and time again being called a Vexatious complainer by EKH senior staff under their complaints policy which she believes was to break her down and hope she would go away.

    This is what ICO had to say on the matter to her 14th December 15 of EKH keep calling her a Vexatious complainer.

    It has come to the ICO’s attention throughout this investigation that EKH regard you as a vexatious complainer. The organisation has advised on several occasions that they will no longer deal with any correspondence in relation to the 2015 complaint and suggested that if you are unhappy with the outcome to raise this with the Housing Ombudsman. More recently in the letter dated 8 December 2017, EKH have advised that any further queries in relation to this complaint will not be responded to, nor will they be retained.

    As previously stated, vexation is not an exemption under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The DPA does not limit the number of SARs an individual can make to an organisation; however the DPA does allow for some exemption to data being provided when the requests have been made at unreasonable intervals.

    As the way in which complaints are dealt with would fall under the remit of the Housing Ombudsman, we cannot insist that EKH continue to respond to the queries in relation to your complaints from 2015. However, we would request that the correspondence is checked to ensure that you are not asking for personal data to be disclosed before it is destroyed to avoid a breach of the DPA.

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