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    Just to update as I am sure a lot of East Kent Housing resident read here.

    As per above posts:

    In one of this lady complaints to EKH in 2015 was about two EKH male officers turning up one morning asking to come into her home to speak to her about two complants from two of her 'new' neighbours (she had no complaints in 26yr of a resident).

    She complained she was in her nightie and that the officers wanted/officer asked to come in and she refused. She asked what the complaints were but was told they had to come in officer asked again and again she refused. She suffered depression and high levels of anxiety, is a lady of 50ish age and was alone. She had been placed in a situation that should not have happened having to refuse time and time again she only opened the because she thought her daughter had come back.

    EKH stated many times their officers acted correctly and that is was routine for officers to just turn up without notice. She did not agree with this, neither did others who have seen this case and has since 2015 fought this issue of officers just turning up to homes asking to come in.

    On the 14th Decemember 17 ICO who have been investigating huge amount of complaints from her since August 17 responded to this ladies fight for justice on this matter.

    They stated:

    Finally, you raised a concern about officers unannounced visit to your property. In the officer emails with the complainant, he advises that he is planning to go to your house the following week to discuss the matter with you, but did not provide you with notice of this visit. The tenancy agreement (section 3.7) simply states that “unless otherwise agreed, we will give you 24 hours’ notice.” During my telephone conversation with EKH, it was found that it is normal procedure for housing managers to go to resident’s properties for informal liaisons unannounced on a regular basis; however the tenancy agreement does not specify this – section 3.7 seems to refer only to maintenance and forced entry incidents, rather than informal visitations. It is not within the ICO’s remit to address this, however in this instance, it may have been best customer practice to advise you of the visit, as officer already knew a week before that he was planning to speak to you. We would also recommend that you address this with the Housing Ombudsman, as the tenancy agreement appears to be easily misconstrued.

    Because EKH and DDC will not deal with this matter she is now being forced to the Ombudsman when it makes sense for EKH and DDC to sort this matter out for this lady all its tenants. She suffers ill health which has worsened due behaviour of EKH in 2015/17 not just on this matter, that she still fights today.

    A simple agreement dispute that is left on this lady to fight on her own that could be sorted and should be sorted with an apolgy. She has continued with this matter in view that no resident should have what happened to her happen again and that EKH give notice to tenants so as to arrange to meet at a tenants home for any discussions. It has been impressed that anything may be going on at a tenants home 'a childs party' ' A funeral/wake' 'People with health conditions' and so on and so on. Having officers just turn up without any notice asking/wanting to come in IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. She believes that as tenants have to make an appointment to see EKH to speak to an officer that EKH should follow same suit and consideration to all its tenants.

    There enough of Cllrs on here and some who work for DDC and EKH but dare say no comment will be made on this matter at hand to this ladies fight for rights because that is Dover.

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