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    Cant just turn up to do checks like that Captain unless you have cause. Renting a DDC property does not mean your any less than anyone else and how they want to live in their homes they pay for does not mean everyone in DDC homes are up to bad should have checks for no reason. There is a lot of decent people who rent and bought DDC homes buying one makes no difference to the right to live in your home. They are after all 'affordable homes'. A lot of those have paid the house three times over in rent to how long they lived there. EKH are already asking people to spy on homes and report matters, but when sxxt hits fan to those who report it who will help those who were being a good neighbour and spy for EKH?

    My friend was a target two years ago by no less than a Canterbury enforcement officer (new to street renting privately) who made approx 5 fabricated complaints about her within a year (never a complaint about her in 24yrs of her being a tenant- he came took dislike towards her) She had evidence to all of those complaints were false, by one he had no evidence of it either because it did not happen. She had a clear recording of a conversation with him showing his report to via a Online ASB form was completely false he also asked EKH to take action on her even though he no evidence and she had. His complaint was she interrupted his conversation , was rude and made accusation about parking!!!! Another was she had a 'Bonfire'he had to get his washing in!! EKH never told her about that complaint. When she produced by chance at a meeting this recording to EKH it is missing in 2017 no notes on her file saying she produced evidence to that of the complainant NOTHING, so this man got away with it all. ICO are investigating its disappearance???? EKH had ignored her reporting ASB of this man and others with him and she had witnesses and recordings of ASB. EKH then sent a letter to Coleman House calling her Paranoid and irrational amongst other things which the letter EKH wrote was a utter complete fabrication which has this year been proven and part by ICO who she took the letter to and her matter to be examined. Cut up her emails taking parts out to give a false impression of her mental health -deemed by ICO this year!!! This letter was sent after she threatened EKH and CSU that she would take the matter out of Dover to other Police and goverment officals she still fights her case today. This is not all that happened to her just a tip of it. So first thing EKH need to do really is play ball with tenants be honest.

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