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    I wonder if all of you or some could solve a problem. I have a friend who is a council tenant and she been nearly two years trying to resolve a problem to that of her tenant agreement with East Kent Housing/DDC it states:
    3.7.1 You must allow Council employees and their authorised
    agents and contractors to enter the property at
    reasonable hours on request for the purposes of
    inspecting the property or carrying out any works. You
    must allow our employees and people we authorize
    into your home to
    • Carry out an inspection
    • Carry out a gas safety check
    • Carry out an electrical safety check
    • Carry out repairs or improvements that may be
    • Inspect a neighboring property
    • Discuss any issues relating to your tenancy.
    3.7.2 Unless otherwise agreed, we will give you at least 24
    hours notice.
    3.7.3 In an emergency such as a flood or a gas leak we may
    need to get into your home without notice. If we have
    to do this we will make sure that your home is secure
    when we leave.

    East Kent housing officers turned up to her door one morning without notice and she answered in her nightie thinking it was her daughter come back. There were two male officers one asking to come in as they had two complaints from two of her neighbors. (Lady lived there for approx 18yrs with no problems from anyone and had been a very good tenant). She refused and asked what the complaints were officer asked again to come in she refused and said no I am in my nightie. Officer refused to tell her the complaints as he would not tell her on the doorstep.

    She complained about this matter of which she was told officers always call at tenants home when in the area. However in 2017 after a SAR it showed the officer had told the complainant a week earlier they would visist the tenant. Leaving this lady without notice of that pending visit. On complaining throughout the year in 2015 she was told different versions of this. Another was said they dont have time to write. In 2015 it was stated that the officers had acted correctly and basically done no wrong. In 2017 DDC also backed this claim of no 24 hr notice to tenants and officers can just basically turn up. However, this aside it was promised to the lady that from now on they would send her contact if they need to speak to her. This leaves hundreds and hundreds of tenants who do not fall under this and will still get officers just turn up with notice.

    It was said the above agreement 24hr does not apply- ICO state that the agreement is not clear and can be misconstrue. Any comments on this please to solve a 2 yr battle that will still be ongoing into 2018 for this lady who believes that the 24hr notice to tenants • Discuss any issues relating to your tenancy i.e the neighbors complaints that the 24hr did apply and that the officers seeing her in her nightie should not have asked to come in anyway. I am sure there is someone with some sense here as a lot is seen in debates that can come to conclusion on this, would be grateful and effects hundreds of tenants.

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