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    WOW!!! Howard, what a super porfolio of photos you got there, well done, you were working hard, you must have had your three weetabix this morning

    What a happy morning it was too, the sun shone down on us as we sandpapered away on the benches. We all had a good time with lots of laughs, just wished I'd had some of that elbow grease that the guys seemed to have in abundance, wonder where you buy that stuff

    Huge Thanks to DDC Chairman, Cllr Sue Nicholas, Mayor Cllr Anne Smith & Cllr Mick Smith for their enthusiasm & great company. Also all our volunteers today who were Linda Hannent, Bobbie Byrne, Liz Dimech (Secretary, Castle Forum) Pat Sharrett (Cllr, DTC), Stewart Hamilton, Mitch & Barry.

    Also many thanks to Graham Tutthill of the Dover Mercury & photographer Chris, photographer Andy from the Dover Express & Video twosome Mike McFarnell & James Pople who all came along & took some photos & video footage.

    It was good to see you Brian, its been too long & thanks for sending on some photos to me.

    And the man himself, Darran Solley, who was on hand with all the necessary equipment for us volunteers to get started & later returning with much needed refreshment

    More volunteers coming on Wednesday morning to continue our bench work,

    I'm looking forward to the planting in early June

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