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     Sue Nicholas wrote:
    Ross you are correct.Local Councils have strategies in place they are fully aware of housing needs .There is a department of officers dealing with housing issues.The money should be spent sooner than later in building on the site.

    For God's sake Dover does not have housing 'needs'. In spite of the best efforts of single mothers in the area we are not even replicating our population and nor are we an area with great housing stress due to immigration.

    How many times do I have to tell you.


    And encouraged by our idiot council so they can take advantage of New Homes Bonus (catnip for councils).

    IF you wish your children to get an 'affordable' home get them trained in jobs where they might earn enough money to be able to afford one.

    Someone after all is buying the damn things and I haven't noticed the area full of Chinese billionaires and Russian oligarchs whatever the red-top papers say.

    You only have to look at the example of the USA where encouraging home ownership amongst the poor (i.e. black) population lead to the sub-prime crisis and the world banking crisis.

    Yes it would be awfully nice if your kids all owned homes. And had hover-boards. And had a high paid job with Google.

    But they don't. Tough.

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