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     Jim Matthews wrote:
    Very concerned to see that “car parks” including the one at the Western Heights will be closed in the evening and overnight. Again, was there any consultation with anyone? Did local councillors have their say on our behalf?

    If that’s the car park that overlooks the harbour and is being closed because of anti social behaviour it means everyone else is being penalised for the behaviour of a few. Surely it would be better to deal with the offenders.

    The notice says the gate will be locked at 4pm October to March and and 7pm during the summer. So much for sitting there on a pleasant summer evening watching what’s going on in the harbour and channel. It’s not clear which other car parks are involved. Can our district councillors enlighten us please?

    Great shame, often head up there late at night and look over, amazed at the view, the horizon in to France, and yes there are often youngsters sitting in cars eating their mcdonalds or heaven's forbid smoking a joint, doing absolutely not one single person any harm what-so-ever!

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