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     Paul Watkins wrote:
    Ray. Yes I was. To put it succinctly from memory. The Appeal was taken on advice from external Planning QC. I have nothing other to add .

    Are you telling me you and your cronies pissed away £250,000 ++++ of our tax payers money because a smart ass lawyer told you to, to protect the interests of a private company seeking to destroy an AONB for their own profit and to protect the egos & reputations of certain councillors on the Planning Committee at the time?
    Why are you all not all in jail? Aren’t there any controls in place? Is this how the law works round here in Dover? It looks like you are willing to do it all over again and piss away more of taxpayer’s money over a car wash!!!
    Why is councillor Walkden still on the planning committee even after the Supreme Court’s decision??How on earth can this be so? Or am I just living in the Twilight Zone!!!!

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