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    Somehow, I doubt that you will garner much support on here, Julie.

    There is a body of opinion on this forum, mainly involving ex-councillors who refuse to accept that they might have shown either incompetence or poor judgment on planning matters.

    Roger Walkden has the dubious distinction of being mentioned in the summing up in the verdict of the case between CPRE and China Gateway as having failed to do his job properly (I paraphase Lady Justice Hale - the full verdict may be read here

    What is not widely known is that DDC funded China Gateway's failed appeal with taxpayers' money. I raised an FOI request to ascertain just how much the people of Dover had to fork out to do this. It amounted to over £250,000 not including DDC's own internal legal costs.

    All this was essentially to serve the interests of a developer that had made donations to the local Tory party and had made great play (and still does, nauseatingly!) in their annual reports of being able to influence DDC's judgment. I refer of course to the proposed massive house building development in the AONB Farthingloe valley.

    So please pardon my scepticism. I know that what gets posted here is read eventually by the relevant people. They will have ample chance to contradict what I have said but, of course, they won't.

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