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    In reply to your conclusions, Brian :

    1. Yes, there was an ILLEGAL hand car wash operating from the site utilising Slave Labour in a conservation area, prior to us buying the adjacent listed building.

    2. Yes, we questioned our Solicitors, who told us the car wash did not have planning permission to operate, and there are a number of protective covenants that safeguard the house against the adjacent land being used for certain business activities, which included car washes. They also stated that no right thinking council would grant panning permission for a Hand Car Wash next to listed buildings and in a conservation area.

    3. Yes, the presence of the car wash adjacent to our home has made both myself and my husband ill, a fact our doctors will confirm in court, it is a fact listed in our medical records.

    Now, if you don't mind, I will ask you some questions:

    1) Have you read the two emails above from the Car Wash Association expert in post #91?

    2) Why are you so vehemently trying to protect Mr Pishtiwan Karim, the person, you know, that has already had a written warning from the police for harassing and making lewd comments and gestures to myself and my husband?

    3) Why are you condoning environmental damage and the breaking of environmental law?

    4) Why are you condoning Mr Pishtiwan Karim’s daily breaches of planning that endangering public and highways safety and the fabric of listed buildings and the health of the occupants?

    And lastly, why are you so vehemently defending DDC when they are so clearly in the wrong? You can see it’s not just us that are saying this, it’s a number of highly respected experts in the field saying it too, or are we and they all wrong?

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