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     Jan Higgins wrote:
    "I'm sure some of you are tiring of this subject"

    As it is so one sided yes.

    "I am posting all this on here for the public record, please remember this forum is not read just by a few residents of Dover, it's read all over the world, and these posts are for people that are listening."

    Maybe JulieS might like to think of the negative image being given to all those who do not live in Dover while on her soapbox.

    Please explain to me how you think it could be made more 2 sided then. Do you expect Julie to speculate on the reasons why the actions of the carwash might possibly be lawful or desirable? This is a public forum - there is ample opportunity for anyone, the car wash owners, DDC, any cynical halfwit to come on and state their case.

    As for the soapbox bit, Button is generous in her appreciation of the pun but somehow I doubt you intended it as such.

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