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    I'm sure some of you are tiring of this subject or just don't care enough about Dover and its environment, but I care about Dover, its environment and its historic buildings. The buildings have been here for hundreds of years, we ARE their custodians and guardians, and as it appears, DDC, our elected councillors and our MP do not give a damn about any of these things. I still will and do everything within my powers to protect Dover’s listed buildings and its ecological environment.

    On the note of Dover’s ecological environment, please see below the photos, one is of the iconic Great Danes of Castle Street and their owners having to divert from the public footpath to navigate round the hazardous toxic foul water waste which is now running directly from the slit drain on the Ramyar Hand Car Wash site into the municipal rainwater drain, a breach of the law that carries up to 5 years imprisonment, unlimited fine or both. Putting it bluntly, the site’s one and only waste drain I.E. the slit drain next to the public footpath, is now total state of dysfunction, and hazardous toxic waste is entering the main street drains and the ground water level daily all the time the car wash is open. The site should be close immediately until new safe drainage is installed, and the environment agency issues the site operator with a safety certificate to be allowed to trade.

    I would urge all local dog owners to use a different route to walk their beloved pooches until this flagrant breach of environmental law is sorted out, and the site is no longer discharging this hazardous waste into public areas and municipal water system.

    I am posting all this on here for the public record, please remember this forum is not read just by a few residents of Dover, it's read all over the world, and these posts are for people that are listening.

    As the powers that be in Dover definitely do not seem to be listening, or at least I have not seen any evidence of it to date.

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