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    For anyone that is interested, 3 of the photos below and 2 videos were taken last night (the other photo was taken the day before) of Mr Rawand Karim and another employee of Mr Pishtiwan Karim, the operator of the Ramyar Car Wash on Maison Dieu Road Dover, removing toxic hazardous waste foul water runoff slurry from the overflowing slit drain and placing the hazardous waste in plastic bags under the cover of darkness.

    The question is, where is the hazardous waste going to be disposed of, since Mr P. Karim does not have a license to dispose of hazardous waste?

    One of the other photos shows Mr Rawand Karim power-washing the toxic hazardous waste slurry off the car wash site on to the pubic footpath and into the road where it runs into the rainwater/ surface water drain. Under English law it is a criminal offence to discharge hazardous waste into a public drain, which carries a maximum of 5 years in jail or an unlimited fine or both.

    We have informed DDC, Southern Water, Affinity Water and the Environment Agency of the illegal disposal of the hazardous waste created on the Ramyar site and the site operator Mr Pishtiwan Karim’s total disregard for his workers and the public safety.

    You can clearly see from the videos the distance the polluted spray is carried, on windy days this polluted spray can blow into open windows and gardens of the adjacent listed buildings and it eats into the very fabric of these historic buildings. Also think of passing pedestrians who are exposed to the toxic spray daily. This cannot be let to carry on. When will DDC finally do something about this completely unregulated business operation, that they themselves know operates totally outside of both planning and environmental law?

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