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     Jan Higgins wrote:

    To be fair the carwash is right near the traffic lights on Woolcomber Street but the whole walk from the beach across Townwall Street past St James right up to the Castle is not exactly beautiful with only the White Horse pub as the standout nice looking building even though Castle Hill House is listed.

    Don’t forget the car wash site is in direct view of tourists following Dover’s Bluebird Heritage Trail which also takes in Castle Hill House. If you happen to be following this walk along Castle st and stand at the junction of Maison Dieu rd and Castle st to attempt to appreciate or photograph the rear of the row of the listed buildings, especially Castle Hill House, you literally are confronted by the barrage of the RAMYAR car wash noise and spray blown everywhere. Not exactly a good tourist photo op!
    Not sure if you quite realise the importance of Castle Hill House, it would not have been upgraded to Grade II* listed otherwise.

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