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     Jan Higgins wrote:
    Will he need scaffolding? If not maybe if you explain it is for an 'old' lady and how awkward he might be able to slot you in earlier.

    The 'elf 'n' safety gnomes probably insist on scaffolding for cleaning first floor windows these days . A drone could take an easy look, but I'd bet that that service costs a premium despite being way more time and tool efficient.

    I did try and have a looksie with the extending ladder we have today. (On my own. Not even anyone holding the ladder or anything. Get sacked in a workplace for that these days. Possibly). Misjudged it. It didn't even extend enough for me to extend my arms enough to even clean the gutters out, let alone see onto the roof. Could've cleaned the upstairs windows though.

    Meant to say from the off about the elderly mother thing (plus see below). Got told February and just forgot I guess.

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