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     Keith Sansum1 wrote:

    We need public transport run in the interest of the user

    Not so simple Keith.

    A bit like the concept of 'affordable' housing - no-one is going to build a house that no-one can afford. Sod the euphemisms. The question is why are we not building enough housing for relatively poor people - and I include some of my children.

    I've just come back from breakfast in Wetherspoons. It certainly is not run 'in the interest of the user'. It was however packed since it provides at a reasonable price what the user wants. All successful business do much the same.

    The fact is that the buses are not being used which suggests that there is something wrong with the routes or the timings or the cost.

    Meanwhile the bus companies, unlike other private concerns, have no incentive to improve their services as they know that KCC will bail them out.

    Even the Leader of our Council, whose experience selling fruit and vegetables for a living makes him ideal for such a position, should understand this? (Insert emoticon for sarcasm)

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