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    How long has this particular farce been going on for now? The answer is for some years I guess and yet there is still no sign of this problem being addressed, in fact it is increasingly getting much worse.

    There appears to be no genuine will from the government in trying to actually resolve the current situation, their only response being to waste more millions on the French in order for them to aid and abet the illegals into UK waters so as to ‘pass the parcel’. In addition of course to spending even more money in beefing up the government’s official taxi service. What an absolute joke!

    We are an island for God’s sake, it shouldn’t be that difficult to deter or stop illegal migrants in rubber dinghies if we really chose to do so. What are the navy or army doing apart from sitting back at base polishing things? We have the resources to deal with this problem but the government refuses to utilise them.

    As we have come accustomed over many, many years from our betters in Parliament, it’s all speak, waffle and no do! No surprises there though.

    I daresay I’m missing something here, but if these migrants illegally come here from France then just take them back there, what really is the problem with that? I appreciate the possible operational difficulties that would perhaps initially ensue but somehow it has to be done, otherwise this will escalate to vast numbers pretty quickly once word gets round, if it hasn’t already, that once picked up mid channel you’re 95% certain of being allowed to stay, illegal or not. Australia had a similar problem, took action and ended their ‘invasion’ pretty damn quick, but we seem quite happy just to let things drift ( excuse the pun! ) for ever and a day.

    Ok, rant over!

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