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     Keith Sansum1 wrote:
    I have re read Andys comments .
    As I don't have time to take pictures and all involved in putting them on the forum .
    I won't post on this thread .
    It is also a Shame only pictures are accepted by him on this thread .

    Do what you like, you will anyway , I just thought that a post that showed the town and surrounding area in pictures would be better than all the ever so clever, or trying to be clever, one-liners...

    Takes me about 30 seconds to upload a photo from my phone to the forum, probably the same as it takes for you to post a one-liner!

    As I seem to have been corrected and insulted on the DFL thread, about the fact that a Dover forum can now cover Deal, Dover, Sandwich, Wingham, Aylesham, Eastry, then I have a few I'll add here in "Beautiful Dover" guess no one on here passed Geography at school.....

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