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    Yes, my rant appears to have generated more one liners and the apologies mean nothing from a certain one-liner who now wants to start a debate about the gateway flats which is fine, just start a new thread and stop being lazy.

    Clearly no point at all in trying to start nice threads with great pictures of the town and area because they get swallowed by all the comments!

    If the mods could delete all comments with no pictures, it might be better but then some of the one-liners would simply post a random pic and add their comments to continue the pointless one liners.

    If I could delete the whole thread I would, clearly there are too many idiots on here that have more fun winding people up than actually trying to show off the town they CLAIM to love so much.....

    Maybe I'll start posting one liners on all threads in Polish, that will confuse them....

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