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    Yesterday all the P&O berths except no6 were out of commission for most of the afternoon and evening. The DFDS berths are more sheltered and easier to manoeuvre in and out of.
    Add to that the fact that DHB only have one tug in operation, and it was a recipe for chaos. One or two ships made multiple attempts to berth but failed even with tug assistance and put to sea again.

    We were booked to come back on the 17.55. Knowing that Dover port was closed we stayed in Calais for a nice early dinner and checked in at 19.15. Shortly we boarded the Burgundy and crossed on its 13.25 sailing which left at 20.20.

    Eventually we docked in Dover at 00.15 this morning.

    The Pride of Kent on which we crossed yesterday morning had one engine out of commission so was tied up in Calais until early this morning when it limped home at 10kt.

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