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    I have to say I find it a little irritating every time I pass by it. Although I would not discredit the people who have created this, I find it a little frustrating that it is the public face displayed to all those that 'pass through' Dover.

    I do appreciate that the purpose of the screens is to hide the demolished mess behind, but a glance above the 7' panels reveals the reality anyway. Additionally the messages of 'Disco dog' hardly give the professional impression "we are trying to sort this out"

    Graffiti is surely supposed to be anti establishment by it's own definition, but to facilitate it like this almost cheapens it's integrity and presents a confusing picture of our town. By all means provide spaces for young people to graffiti and be creative but not here.

    One argument would be that it better than white walls (although I love the blank OSB sterling board around building sites) but genuine graffiti would give the impression of something happening. Organising people to come and fill the space gives the impression "things are not going to happen anytime soon, so we may as well fill the space"

    As for it being art (although creative) I will side with Oscar Wilde: "all art is quite useless" and as this work has a function, that is to stop real graffiti being painted on the boards. So I think it probably fails...although it is very good and skillful.

    "all bad art is the result of good intentions" ...that man had a line for everything!

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