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    The art is ok, also the examples that Jeane displayed. Better than a long wooden wall hiding an empty spot.
    I'm not suggesting that the display in Dover's Townwall Street is to everyone's taste though.

    I'm still of the opinion that the buildings that were there previously, that got knocked down earlier this year, could have been converted to dining places.

    People coming from or going to the Eastern Docks could have seen them, and parked nearby in St. James carpark. A sign before the carpark could have indicated the presence of these dining places.

    As it is now, the pics along the wall hiding yet another empty space are all people see of Townwall Street when passing through Dover from the Port.

    I wonder if they had expected to see a dining place of sorts on entering Dover?

    But may-be these pics along the wall will spur them on to greater efforts... to pass through....

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