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    Just going through some of my old vinyl lp's and came across one I had forgotten about. It was a live recording of the Freddy Mack Show at Toft's club in Folkestone. Brought back many happy memories of my "mod" days around '66 to '69 and visits to that club where there were some fantastic acts/groups to be seen and enjoyed. My favourite though had to be Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds, absolutely outstanding. Those guys had more talent in their little fingers than the so called "talent" paraded in front of us on X-Factor!
    At that time in my life I had just started working in London but still preferred Toft's to most clubs my friends and I used to frequent.
    Back to the LP mentioned above, I heard from a friend that a copy of a live recording at Toft's could be purchased from some small back street office in London where I set off hot foot to one lunchtime in order to obtain my vinyl treasure. I'm pretty sure that you could not purchase this record from a normal outlet and was told ( don't know how true it was ) that only about 100 copies were ever pressed.
    Pics of the LP in question shown below, anyone else remember these guys or visited that club?

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