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     Sue Nicholas wrote:
    I started reading this post and thought it’s Ground Hound Hog Day .What has trial of trial Of Charlie Elphicke got to do with the subject in question,The Admirality Pier and fishing rights.Neil is being helpful and some how we got on to DHB and all the reasons for holding back the traffic further back the A20 to help the people of Aycliffe .It would be good if we could call that problem in for Scrutiny ..Keith why are you so concerned whether Charlie sought references from people he had worked with .Its none of your business.

    The character reference came from a community director who represents the people of Dover and the same person who is now 'representing' our angling traditions and rights at Admiralty Pier. Of course its our business considering this person is payed a very good salary to represent the community even though we have not had the democratic process to change or ratify this persons position.

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