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    A hurt certificate was issued for wounds or minor injuries , it would enable the recipient to claim a better pension on discharge.
    The Admiralty often tried to buy back a hurt certificate to save paying out this extra pension cost and Henry,s certificate appears to be one of these as his records also show that he was paid a war Gratuity the amount he was paid £20.00 .
    765 Squadron RNAS was the Basic Seaplane Flying and training pool squadron ,it moved to RNAS Sandbanks in Poole Harbour ,Dorset in 1941 ,still under control of HMS Daedalus .
    They were operating the Swordfish ,Walrus, and Seafox seaplanes and the American Vought Kingfisher at that time.It was whist serving at RNAS Sandbanks that Henry caught Pneumonia and died in Haslar Naval Hospital on 8th September 1944.And as a small child then I must have been there because my own records show that I was christened in Sandbanks in 1942. still more to come later

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