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    This story is in print and came from the archives of both wars.Its the life story of my Grandfather who served in both wars.
    Henry Richard Matcham was born at Ringwould kent on the 5th of July 1890.He worked as a farm/labourer/gardener as a young man.In 1908 he joined the royal Navy as a boy seaman where he signed up for twelve years, he progressed through the ranks to Able Seaman serving in many well-ships, including HMS,s Magnificent, Dominion,Caesar, Formidable ,Queen,and Dido.As well as several shore bases.
    On the 7th of May 1913,he was posted to HMS Hermes and shortly after this on the 17th May was selected for a course of instruction in flying at the central flying School.
    On the 7th of may 1913, he transferred to the Royal Naval Air Service, still serving in HMS Hermes which was a "Highflyer class"cruiser converted to an experimental seaplane carrier,this posting lasted until December 1913.On the 1st July 1914 he was promoted to the rank of air Mechanic . More to come.

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