English Channel swim by Are You Having A LAFF?!

Swam the Channel in 13 hours, 17 minutes and 10 seconds
The 541st fastest time out of 1,024 relay swims
Date: 30 July 2009
Country: UK
Category: Relay Swim
Route: England  >  France
  1. Alice Shepherd-WalwynBritish (English)
  2. Louise Shepherd-WalwynBritish (English)
  3. Emma Shepherd-WalwynBritish (English)
  4. Sarah OakesBritish (English)
  5. Hannah BarrettBritish (English)
  6. Tom ParrBritish (English)
Organisation: Channel Swimming Association
Pilot: Andy King
Observer: Unknown
Escort Boat: Louise Jane
Additional swim information:
Raising money for Azul Wasi Children's Home, a community-based project near Cusco in Peru that provides a home, education and training for street children, many of them orphans or abandoned by their parents.

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