English Channel swim by Channel 5

Swam the Channel in 16 hours and 41 minutes
The 518th fastest time out of 558 special category swims
Date: 20 July 2006
Country: UK
Category: Special Category (5 swimmers)
Route: England  >  France
Organisation: Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
Pilot: Neil Streeter
Observer: Irene Wakeham
Escort Boat: Suva
Additional swim information:
Support crew: Sarah Critchlow, Liz Denbigh & Tracey Rawlins.

The swim was on behalf of two children's charities - Starlight Children's Foundation and Ide Hill School Governors Appeal.

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Time of departure: 7:09 am from Shakespeare Beach; arrive 11:59 pm (BST) at Calais Harbour.
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