English Channel swim by Sun Rice Australian Relay Team

Swam the Channel in 43 hours and 7 minutes (4 way)
World Record: Fastest two-way F/E/F relay and fastest three-way F/E/F/E relay
Date: 1993
Country: Australia
Category: Relay Swim
Route (4 way): Eng  >  Fra  >  Eng  >  Fra  >  Eng
  1. Cyril BaldockAustralian
  2. Michael RenfordAustralian
  3. Baden GreenAustralian
  4. Greg StewartAustralian
  5. Peter TibbetsAustralian
  6. Kevin NeilsenAustralian
Organisation: Channel Swimming Association
Pilot: Unknown
Observer: Unknown
Escort Boat: Unknown
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