Sally Bauer - Channel swimmer

24th person to swim the Channel.
Sally has made 2 solo Channel swims
Nationality: Swedish
Gender: Female
About Sally:
Sally's international breakthrough came in 1939, when she swam across the English Channel, something she has dreamed of doing since American Gertrude Ederle completed the same swim 1926. She made the crossing with the help of sponsorship money from Gröna Lund, Sandrews and newspapers Arbetet and Göteborgsposten.

Sally travelled to London and then onto Cap Gris-Nez near Calais in France. She started her swim at 5:50am on August 27 and came ashore in England at 9:12 that evening, giving her a time of 15 hours and 22 minutes. Bauer performed the same feat again in 1951 when she, virtually untrained, swam across the channel, this time from England to France, in a time of 14 hours and 4 minutes.

Channel Swims

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